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East Europe

MCC partners across East Europe with local organizations that represent MCC's values and mission and which can sustain relief, development and peacebuilding efforts over 5-10 year time frames which we believe are necessary to foster substantive change. In the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Russia key partners are the local evangelical (Baptist and Pentecostal) churches providing essential social services. In Southeast Europe these are primarily faith-based organizations working at long-term peacebuilding.

West Europe

MCC West Europe works primarily in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Great Britain. However, MCC’s relationships extend to about half a dozen additional countries. In this region, MCC programs emphasize peace-building, working with and through local partners. MCC’s global efforts receive significant support from churches in this area. Another focus is building relationships among Mennonites of western Europe and between western Europe and MCC programs in other parts of the world, including in Canada and the United States.